Gazette-Mail Classifieds
What is SMARTIE?

SMARTIE will search The Classifieds for you. SMARTIE is located at the bottom of the search results page. When you click SMARTIE, you will be prompted for your email address. When you provide your email address, SMARTIE will search The Classifieds every day and email you when it finds new ads matching your current search criteria.

For example, if you search classification 303, "Garages/Yard Sales," and enabled SMARTIE, you would receive an email any time a new ad runs in this classification. If you searched the employment ads for the text "computer" and enabled SMARTIE, you would receive an email when new ads start in the employment section that contain the word "computer."

This service will last for thirty days, but is renewable.

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I liked the old website. Why did you change it?
We had a lot of reasons for this redesign. Primarily, we wanted to confuse our online readers and make it more difficult for them to find their way around our website.
Just kidding!
  • The old website was thrown together very quickly and was only intended to be temporary. Each day of classified ads consisted of thousands of web pages; this translated to a lot of upload time for us and a lot of download time for you. The new site has the same content, but is very small in terms of the number of different web pages
  • The new site is database driven. This allows us to eliminate some of the duplicate ads that appeared in a search of the old site. (When an ad ran for more than one day, it was duplicated on the website each day.) Not having to look through multiple copies of the same ad should make it easier for you find what you are looking for.
  • We had outgrown our old site. There were features that we wanted to provide that were simply not possible with the old website. The Saved ads feature is just the first of several improvements planned in the coming months.

This website is new and may take some getting used to, especially if you used the old site every day. Give it a chance; we think you'll soon see why we made this change!

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How do I search or browse the classifieds?
Viewing ads is quick and easy. On the home page, there are four fields, labeled "Search text," "Categories," "Classifications," and "Dates." Here's how they work:

  1. If you are looking for something specific, enter some keywords in the "Search text" field. If you just want to browse the classifieds, leave "Search text" blank.
  2. (Optional) To look in a specific category (or categories), select it from the "Categories" list. Using Javascript, the "Classifications" list will change to show only the classifications that match the category you selected.
  3. (Optional) To look in a specific classification (or classifications) select it from the "Classifications" list.
  4. (Optional) To narrow your search to a specific range of dates, select the desired dates from the "Dates" list.
  5. Click the "Search" button.
    Some useful tips:
  • Notice the "All" and "Selected" buttons above each list. Clicking the "All" button clears a list's selection. The "Selected" button is pressed automatically when you make a selection in the list.
  • Hold down the "Control" key on your PC keyboard while clicking to select non-consecutive items from the list.
  • Press the "Clear" button to reset all the search fields.
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What do all the "Save" buttons do?

Each ad has a "Save" button. When you click a "Save" button, you are saving that ad so you can view it later.*

A small window appears confirming that you have saved the ad. This window will go away on its own, or you can close it yourself.

At any time, you can click the "Saved ads" or the "View saved ads" buttons to see all the ads you have saved. The page will contain only the ads you wanted; you can then print this page for your own use!.

* This feature requires Javascript. A session cookie is also used.
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How do I know what classification to use?
Classified ads are placed in the newspaper by category, making it easy for the reader to find what they are looking for. Below are all of the classications, grouped by category.
100 Attorneys/Legal Services
105 Bundles of Joy
110 Card Of Thanks
115 In Memoriam
120 Lost and Found
125 Special Notices
126 Meetings & Clubs
127 Public Notices
130 Health Care
131 Fitness
132 Happy Grams
134 People Meeting People
135 Personals
136 Adoptions
140 Excursions & Travel
145 Cemetery Lots
199 Job Training

200 Miscellaneous Help Wanted
201 Part Time Help Wanted
202 Employment Service Listing
205 Administrative
206 Management
210 Domestic Child Care
215 Office, Clerical
220 Restaurants
221 Retail Stores
225 Sales
226 Insurance Agents
230 Technical, Industrial
231 Banking/Financial
235 Trades, Skills
236 Professional
237 Computer Personnel
240 Medical/Health
241 Child Care Services
245 Situations Wanted
250 Educational, Schools

300 Appliances
301 Bicycles
302 Furniture
303 Garages/Yard Sales
304 Baby Accessories
305 Gift Shops/Boutiques
306 Hot Tubs/Spa/Pools
307 Miscellaneous
308 Restaurant Equipment
309 Sports Equipment
310 Auctions
311 Yard/Lawn Equipment
312 Swap or Trade
315 Antiques, Collectors Items
320 Office Equipment
321 Electronics
325 Fuel, Dirt, Cinders
330 Motor Boats, Canoes
335 Building Materials
340 Jewelry
345 Good Things To Eat
350 Machinery & Tools
355 Musical Merchandise
360 Farm Produce, Equipment
365 Wearing Apparel
370 Wanted To Buy
375 Computers

Pets and Livestock
400 Dogs, Cats, Pets
401 Birds
405 Livestock
410 Poultry & Supplies

Mobile Homes
500 Mobile Home Space
505 Mobile Homes
510 Trailer Rentals

Real Estate
600 Houses For Sale
601 Too Late To Classify
605 Condominiums/Townhouses
610 New Houses For Sale
615 Lots For Sale
620 Business Property
625 Farms
626 Acreage
630 Timber-Mineral Land
635 Lodges, Camps, Resorts
640 Sale, Trade, Lease
645 Out-of-State
650 Real Estate Loans
655 Real Estate Wanted

700 Mobile Homes, Trailers
704 Roommates Wanted
705 Furnished Apartments
710 Unfurnished Apartments
715 Condominiums/Townhouses
720 Houses, Unfurnished
725 Houses, Furnished
726 Property Management
730 Garages/Storage Buildings
735 Offices, Desk Rooms
740 Business Places
741 Warehouses
745 Farms For Rent
750 Vacation Resorts
751 Camps, Lodges, & Resorts
755 Room & Board
760 Sleeping Rooms
765 Housekeeping Rooms
770 Wanted To Rent

Business Opportunities
800 Business Opportunities
805 Mortgages, Trust Deeds
810 Bank Loans
815 Investments, Stocks
820 Wanted To Buy
825 Money To Lend

900 Airplanes
905 Motorcycles
910 Trailers, Buses
915 Auto Parts, Tires
920 Automotive Repairing
925 Wanted-Automotive
930 Antiques, Classics
935 Recreation/Travel Trailer
936 Auto Rental/Leasing
937 Commercial Vehicles
940 Vans/Trailers
945 2 Wheel Drive Vehicles
946 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles
947 Sport Utility Vehicles
950 Automobiles For Sale
955 Foreign/Imports
956 Sports Cars

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How much does it cost to place a classified ad?

It's inexpensive and it works. When you place your ad with the Charleston Newspapers, more than 200,000 people can see it. And since we publish newspapers everyday, you won't have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday each week to reach interested consumers.

We alse have special classified rates for selected merchandise. For more information see our rates page.

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What is the Index to Services?
The Index to Services is a separate section of the classifieds that lists a variety of service providers. The listing is sorted according to the type of service provided.
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How do I advertise in the Index to Services?
You must fill out a credit application prior to placing your Index to Service ad. If you have a business and would like to advertise in the Index to Services, give us a call at (304) 348-4848 or 1-800-WVA-NEWS. Index to services ads run for 30 days and have a three line minimum.
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What are the different categories in the Index to Services?
There are literally hundreds of different categories available for you to choose from. Give us a call and we'll find or create the right one for your ad!

Index to Services
Accounting Service
Air Conditioning
Aluminum Siding
Announcements & Invitations
Asphalt Paving
Asphalt Sealing
Auto Alignment
Auto Detailing
Auto Exhaust
Auto Financing
Auto Parts
Auto Repair
Auto Sales Consultant
Auto Tinting
Auto Transmission
Automobile Title Searches
Backhoe Service
Bathtub Refinishing
Block Work
Boat Winterizing
Brick Laying
Building Contracts
Burglar Alarms
Business Billing
Business Machines
Business Services
Carpet Binding
Carpet Cleaning
Carpets Installed
Ceramic Tile
Child Care
Chimney Service
Cleaning Services
Closet Organizers
Computer Repairs
Computer Services
Computer Software
Computer, Internet Access
Concrete Leveling
Custom Made Blinds
Deer Processing
Delivery Service
Design & Drafting
Disc Jockey
Ditch Digging
Ditch Witch Services
Drain Cleaning
Driving School
Driveway Service
Dry Cleaning
Dry Walling
Dump Truck Service
Elderly Care
Electronic Medical Billing
Electronic Services
Employment Services
Errand and Delivery
Exterior Cleaning
Eye Wear
Fill Dirt
Financial Services
Finish Carpentry
Fire Protection
Floor Finishing
Floral Designing
Foundation Specialist
Furniture Restoration
Furniture Refinishing
Garage Doors
General Contracting
Golf Club Repairs
Hair Replacement
Hardwood Flooring
Health Care
Health Food
Health Ins. Claims
Heat Pumps
Heating & Cooling
Heavy Equipment
Holiday Decorating
Home Care Management
Home Improvement
Home Inspection
Home Repair
House Moving
House Sitting
Interior Design
Internet Advertising
Kitchen Cabinets Refaced
Lawn Care
Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Mower Repairs
Legal Documents
Live Bait
Log Homes
Maid Service
Manual Drafter
Medical Services
Medical Transcription
Mobile Home Repairs
Mobile Home Services
Moving & Storage
New Homes
Nursing Services
Packing & Shipping
Paper Hanging
People Finders
Personal Care
Pest Control
Pet Kennel / Grooming
Pet Grooming
Pet Services
Pet Supplies
Photo Service
Piano Lessons
Piano Tuning
Pool Service/Maintenance
Portrait Art
Pressure Cleaning
Printing Services
Private Investigation
Professional Instruction
Reminder Service
Rental Equipment
Replacement Windows
Residential Building
Restaurant Equipment
Retaining Walls
Roof Cleaning
Rust Proofing
Satellite Repairs
Satellite Services
Satellite Installation
Seamless Gutters
Security Monitoring
Septic Tanks
Sewer Work
Sewing And Alterations
Sewing Machines
Shut-In Service
Sign Repair
Snow Removal
Specialty Cakes
Sport Fishing
Sports Instruction
Stained Glass Windows
Storm Windows
Stud Service
Sun Rooms
Support Groups
Swimming Pools
Swimming Pool Repair
Tanning Salon
Tax Matters
Tax Newsletter
Tax Preparation
Telephone Service
Termite Inspection
Top Soil
Tree Service
Truck/Trailer Repair
TV Repair
Underground Tank Testing
Vacation Referrals
Water Conditioning
Water Filters
Weddings/Photo Services
Window Cleaning
Window Repairs
Window Tinting
Word Processing
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Can I advertise in only one paper?

By default, your ad will appear in both the Charleston Gazette and the Charleston Daily Mail, but you may advertise in just one of them. If you do, you'll miss thousands of readers who may only subscribe to one newspaper.

To advertise in only one newspaper, subtract .06 cents from each of the line rates listed below. For more detailed pricing information, refer to our rates page.

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What does non-commercial, non-business advertising mean?

Any advertising that is placed by a consumer is non-commercial. Commercial advertising refers to business sales or dealer sales.

For example, if you're selling your own car, that's a non-business ad. If a dealer is selling your used car, that's called a commercial or business ad.

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What can I do to make my ad stand out?
We suggest using bold type. It will highlight or emphasize all or parts of your ad. Also, consider a reverse type ad. Reverse type can really make your ad stand out. We also have a variety of logos and graphics that will call attention to your ad.

Normal Ad

Bold Ad

Reverse Ad

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How do I place a divorce ad?

We refer to these as "Not Responsible" ads. They are used for more than just divorce situations.

Attorneys recommend the running of "Not Responsible" ads for many situations. "Not Responsible" ads run for 3 days and must be paid in advance. Your signature is required to place a "Not Responsible" ad.

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What is a blind box ad?

Blind box ads are used by many classified advertisers. Many employment ads use the blind box reply. Advertisers use them because they don't wish to publish a phone number or address.

The blind box uses our Charleston Newspapers address. Applicants who respond do not know to which employer they are responding. Charleston Newspapers forwards the replies to the appropriate advertiser.

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How much do ads remembering a family member's death cost?
These are called In Memoriam ads. We run them for one day at a discounted rate. For exact pricing information, see our rates page.
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How much do thank you ads cost?

These ads run for one day at a discounted rate. For exact pricing information, see our rates page.

A classified sales rep can help you with any of these ads. Our staff has a lot of experience with what can be said and how you might want to say it.

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What if I sell my item the first day my ad runs?

For standard classified advertising, you can call us at 348-4848 and we'll cancel your ad. If you ordered your ad to run 7 days but you sell your item in two days, call us and cancel the ad.

You'll be charged only for the days your ad actually appeared in the newspapers.

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I need help writing my ad, can you help?

Of course. Call the classified department and they will be glad to help. The following helpful hints may also offer some assistance:

    Helpful Hints For Your Classified Ad:
  1. 1. Offer benefits in the copy.
  2. Avoid too much description. A specific price and a brief description is best
  3. Avoid abbreviations.
    48HP ENG. EX COND. Understand? Probably not. Better to use - 48HP ENGINE EXCELLENT CONDITION. The HP abbreviation is easily understood and can be used.
  4. Don't forget price or how to reach you.

Use the following list to help you work out the best description of your item:

ARTICLE FOR SALE: What is the item? Also, mention brand name, age, size, color, condition, previous use, price, hours to call and phone number.

LIVESTOCK AND PETS: What kind of animal is it? Also, mention breed, gender, age, size or weight, color, markings and registration if any, hours to call and phone number.

HELP WANTED: Job title, hours, experience, qualifications, location, how to apply, wages, hours to call and phone number.

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