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Proposals for 'Wood Products Industrial Park' Feasibility Study/strategic marketing plan will be received by the MCRA by January 31, 2018, at 12PM for furnishing labor and materials and performing all Work set forth in the Contract Documents. Offerors are required to submit a response by the due date and time identified in this solicitation.

For evaluation purposes, the proposal shall be complete and include all of the required offer submittals in order to be deemed responsive to the offer requirements. If the proposal response is incomplete and/or includes discrepancies, you may be deemed non-responsive and subject to the rejection process.

Proposals received after the scheduled closing time for the reception of proposals will be returned unopened to the consultant. MCRA reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.

This RFP shall be awarded on an "All or None" basis to the highest score offeror meeting all administrative and technical requirements, terms, and conditions of this RFP.

An offeror provides an offer response that is compliant with RFP requirements and indicates performance without material deviation from the terms and conditions of the proposed contract.

An offeror who is responsible and submits a responsive offer is one who clearly indicates compliance without material deviation from the RFP's terms and conditions and who possesses the experience, facilities, reputation, financial resources and other factors existing at the time of contract award.

Prices shall be all inclusive. Only the prices/charges submitted in the offer response shall be accepted and included in the awarded contract. Include all cost information in a cost proposal.

The term resulting from this RFP will be for July 31, 2018, at 12:00 PM.

The MCRA is a public organization established to promote and encourage the economic and civic welfare of Mingo County. MCRA's mission is to develop, attract and retain businesses, industries and commerce within Mingo County in order to create employment opportunities and increase the county's tax base.

The Wood Products Industrial Park was originally developed to operate as an incubator for value added wood manufacturing companies. Strategically located in the heart of the Appalachian hardwood region, the Wood Park could provide access to raw materials, as well as drying capacity, lowering each company's capital costs for producing value added products. Unfortunately, a flooring plant was the only wood manufacturer that was recruited, and when other businesses and industries started inquiring about the availability of property at the Wood Park, opportunities to locate other new businesses in Mingo County took priority. A major issue encountered by potential investors was the three-mile stretch of 22 Mine Road. A feasibility study and marketing plan are required to identify business opportunities and financial projection for the industrial park, to increase its marketability, and to target potential investors to this site.
This project is being funded by the Rural Business Development Grant made available through the United States Department of Agriculture. The grant was awarded to Mingo County for the sum of $50,000, the entire amount of which is expected to be expended on consulting services.

The MCRA is seeking a consultant to provide the MCRA and other Mingo County officials with a feasibility study / strategic marketing plan for this site. The plan will provide essential information on the site and what the site needs to achieve the goal of becoming a valuable asset to the County as a producer of value added wood products.
The MCRA would like the following actions to be incorporated into a marketing strategic plan:

• Assess current site conditions and make recommendations for site improvements
• Ascertain potential costs for the recommended improvements
• A market analysis that determines potential investors for the site and calculates the demand potential for value added wood products
• Develop a marketing strategy for the site
It is desired that the consultant also addresses the potential economic impact of a fully operational and successful site for the county and region. An economic impact analysis can be determined using an established and widely accepted methodology, such as an Input/Output model or an economic simulation model.
The consultant will be working closely with the Executive Director of the MCRA to gain access to the site, provide progress updates, and explain details of the strategic market planning process.
For further details on the RFP, visit the MCRA's website at . The detailed RFP can be found in the "Announcements" tab.
Soft or hard copies will be accepted no later than 12:00pm on January 31, 2018. Soft copies can be emailed to Ms. Leasha Johnson . Hard copies can be mailed to P.O. Box 298 | Williamson, WV 25661.

For any questions, contact Ms. Leasha Johnson at (304) 235-0042 or by email at .